Beatrice and Sebastien Fillon decided to turn their lives upside down by buying the 15 hectare domaine, the Clos du Serres. It was a total change of direction for Beatrice and for Sebastien. Born in St Etienne, Sebastien grew up in a rural, agricultural environment, so he knew about working the land. It was Beatrice, who hailed from Montpellier, who chose the area : ‘We wanted to change our lives, to move south to the only region where there is still land to clear’.

They chose this new occupation to rebuild their lives, ‘to abandon a lifestyle where speed was of the essence, which seemed more and more unreal’.

Our quest stopped here thanks to its very special climate and the geological mosaic we discovered. We were won over by the quality of life, surrounded by wild, unspoilt nature, set among olive groves, vines and the wild garrigue, close to some great natural sites (Lake Salagou, St Guilhem le Desert, the Herault gorges) but not far (40 kms) from Montpellier, 50 kms from the sea at the foot of theLarzac plateau.