Being vignerons

Means you’re loners …
You leave home before day break, lavishing care on your vines. You’re alone in choosing the best vinification methods, making sense of your doubts and hopes, analysing what you think you’ve understood and are seeking to transform into great wine.

Yet social too …
You’re keen to share what you’ve created.

You recognize that tasting wine is truly sensuous, wine mirrors the unique riches of the terroir – thanks to your unremitting hard work and sheer determination.

Means you face up to the unpredictable weather that can either help or hinder you, you have to go along with it, cope with its vagaries.

Is being at one with nature, sculpting the countryside, caring for and loving the land on which we live, which we hope others will discover through our wines. you learn to be patient. know how to watch it, wait for it – sometimes for several years – we’re demanding with ourselves, benevolent towards it, taking the right decisions to help it give of its best.

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2 mois

Domaine Le Clos du Serres

Hello Angers ! Demain a encore lieu la dégustation aux Greniers de St Jean !

Retrouvez-y le Mas des Chimères, le Pas de l'Escalette, le Domaine de la Réserve d'O et Le Clos du Serres... 😉🍷
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Si vous ne venez pas pour nous, venez pour les vins...ou le lieu 🙂
On se voit ce we au Grenier St Jean 2019
Table n°174
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